Earrings are the fantasy you give to yourself.  They light up your face and wake up your life.  Nothing dull or conservative about you (or me.)  Color pops you out of the crowd and definitely starts the conversation.

Every piece of embroidery offered is one of a kind.  This is truly wearable art that is hand-made at every stage of the surprisingly long process.  Sometimes days and days of work.  I use only 14k gold-filled or sterling silver ear wires unless otherwise noted.  Earrings are stuffed with non-allergenic fiberfill to achieve virtual weightlessness !  Some pairs may be similar in colors but each pair is truly unique in stitching and design. 

I do not design and then have someone else execute the design.  Each pair of earrings is made by myself. As long as my eyes hold up, I will keep on making them. After that, they become collectibles !

Please note that the colors you view on your monitor screen (laptop, cell phone, desktop, etc.) may vary slightly from reality due to the calibration of the screen itself. Also, all measurements refer to the earring itself and do not include the small addition of length from the earring hook.

Oh boy, are you going to have fun wearing these !