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You are purchasing wearable art.  To wear them is the most important objective.  I want you to wear these earrings every day -- fearlessly.  I've had many of my earrings for decades.  Basic common sense will keep your pair of earrings clean.

Having a plate of french fries and then putting on your earrings is a no no.  So is loading on hand lotion before you grab them.  See where I'm going with this?  Care should be taken in handling so that stitches do not get snagged on anything.  Keeping the wire stoppers on your ear wires even when not in use can also prevent snagging.  (And keeping them on while wearing will prevent loss!)

Chances are you will never have to clean your earrings.  However, if you do, please follow these guidelines.  Most of the earrings are sewn on shantung, so you may want to consult a dry cleaner should they get seriously soiled.  We cannot take responsibility for the following method, but if you feel daring and the soil is minor (such as dust), you can lightly dampen a child's soft toothbrush and, using the least amount of a gentle soap such as Woolite, carefully dab the area.  Never soak the earrings in water to wash. 

You should enjoy your earrings for many, many years.  I have some that are thirty years old and still going strong !


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